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Accesible employee portal


We have adapted the goTalent HR management software to AA level accessibility requirements. In addition, we carried out a redesign of the tool in both the visual and usability level, given the high number of users of the portal. Thanks to this development, goTalent becomes the first HR management software to apply AA accessibility. All companies with employees with visual disabilities, through goTalent, can now offer an inclusive and accessible environment, by adapting to the needs of people with reduced vision or blindness.


goTalent (Opens in new window) is a company based in Madrid whose main product is a Human Resources management software online, responsive, multi language and multiplatform. Through the goTalent program, companies can manage essential information as the online evaluation process of their employees, talent, career and development plans, or variable remuneration, among others, as well as an App for employees feedback.

Pantallazos del software de goTalent



The first step in the project was focused in the redesign and redefinition of all the screens of the employee portal, taking into account the need to guarantee the level of AA accessibility. Once this task was completed, a layout work was carried out on the new design, guaranteeing that it fulfilled all the requirements of this level of accessibility. Finally, our Accessibility department completed an audit to certify the final result. This validation was made through different screen readers, so that the layout was able to describe for a blind person all the content of the web: navigation, text and images.



  • – HTML5
  • – CSS3
  • – PostCSS
  • – Gulp
  • – Javascript
  • – Sketch
  • – InVision
  • – Jaws