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We were founded in 2007 on the premise that listening to and engaging in dialogue with our customers is the best way to provide innovative technological solutions that are tailored to their needs. That is our mission and our raison d’etre. We are a consulting company specialized in developing customized solutions for each company, because each client is different and requires a unique and exclusive treatment.


We are committed to innovation, high-quality work, ongoing training and the value of the human team.


Currently, we have more than 150 consultants. Continuous training and participation in the .NET community position us as a leader in knowledge and best practices. Attracting talent is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy. Check out our active processes of selection here.


[T]echdencias is our non-profit foundation whose goal is the constant pursuit of excellence through research, dissemination and innovation. Fully specialized in Microsoft, today the Foundation [T] bases its research on technologies such as Windows 10, Azure and Kinect, among others.

Dos chicas del equipo Pasiona toman café mientras trabajan
David Teixidó, Ceo de Pasiona, y Ernest Pagès, Director de Negocio
Miembros del equipo Pasiona en un evento corporativo
Dos compañeros de Pasiona presentan un evento de Techdencias

We are presently working on over 40 major client accounts. Companies like Microsoft, Catalana Occidente, La Caixa, Coca Cola, Sanofi, Axa and Wolters Kluwer rely on our knowledge and the quality and commitment we bring to carry out their most ambitious projects.

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