Alcon – Novartis
Pharmaceutical laboratory

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Exchange’s ‘on premise’ migration to Office 365


Taking account the unstoppable process of business digitalization using the cloud’s advantages, and in response to customer needs, we have migrated the entire email system of Alcon-Novartis to Office 365.


Alcon(S’obre en finestra nova), laboratory founded in 1945 and the global leader in vision care, develops and manufactures innovative drugs and devices that can be used during the entire life cycle of eye care. Since its unification with Novartis(S’obre en finestra nova) one of the priorities of the IT department has been to integrate their systems with this company.



In response to the new challenges presented by its unification with Novartis, Alcon entrusted us with the migration of their email accounts to the cloud with Office 365, making significant improvements such as increasing the server space and the possibility to access to accounts from anywhere.



  • – Microsoft Exchange 2007
  • – Exchange under Office 365
Alcon-Novartis by Pasiona