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Arquia(Opens in new window) is a financial institution established in 1983 in order to meet the specific needs of savings and credit professionals. Initially specialized in architects financial problems, today offers professionals the best economic conditions of remuneration and cost of money compared to banks and savings banks.

App móvil de Arquia by Pasiona

Efficiency, usability and cross-platform integration. These are the characteristics of the mobile application that we have developed for Arquia, which has become the first home banking app in Spain developed entirely with Xamarin. With a minimal cost and a greater efficiency we have broken the limitations of a brick and mortar office, offering access to the most common operations from the smartphone. From the beginning, our mobility team took into account the user needs, creating an application that is not only accessible from anywhere but offers a very easy use too. It has been such a success that Arquia’s customers are now requesting the same level of usability for the Web application.



The application is based on the Xamarin.Forms 1.4 technology using the MVVM pattern and REST services connection at backend part, with security based on communications with HTTPS and OAuth authentication security. The architecture has allowed us to achieve a code reusing of about 90% at all platforms. Overall, it has been a success because we cover about 85% of the devices on the world market, surpassing the old versions of Android. The application allows to do any operation that could be done in office: manage credit cards and bank accounts, make transfers, manage joint accounts, search offices, contact managers… It’s a very powerful, user-friendly and customizable application with a quick adaptation for the user. The main difficulty was found during the testing phase. Because a banking app’s function is critical every movement, value and transaction must be analyzed very closely, in order to have the ability to solve or rectify any problem.



  • – Xamarin
  • – Xamarin.Forms
  • – Xamarin.Android
  • – Xamarion.iOS
  • – Windows Phone
  • – Dependency Injection
  • – REST
  • – OAuth
  • – Asynchronous programming