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Ferrovial Servicios (Opens in new window) is an international benchmark in the maintenance and operation of public and private infrastructures for transport, environment, industry, natural resources (oil, gas and mining) and utilities (water and electricity), and in the provision of facility management services.


The client had a huge amount of general documentation and contracts distributed in various media: documentary managers, departmental or address network units, external hard drives, etc … which meant a difficulty when locating them and knowing which the last current version is, in addition to the lack of a protocol on what should be saved, who should keep it and where. An integrated solution is proposed to centralize this documentation, with the challenge of grouping the needs of all business areas and establishing a common action protocol. The new platform should be secure, global to all business areas and accessible to different countries and from different devices.

Pantallazo del gestor documental desarrollado por Pasiona para Ferrovial Servicios



Thanks to the solution developed by the Pasiona team and taking advantage of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities of SharePoint Online, Ferrovial can manage the life cycle of documents: creation, editing, review and publication directly from the cloud. Due to the large amount of documentation that is generated, it is absolutely necessary to work with the great power of the SharePoint search engine, establishing a search scheme that allows the customer to find documents quickly by sorting through managed labels with the managed metadata service. There are many automatic processes developed in the cloud, expiration alerts, renewal of contracts, management of mandatory metadata that help to monitor and efficiently manage all documentation. All this through an interface developed in ASP.NET MVC 5 in Azure, designed by Pasiona’s UX / UI team after a research process with a selection of key users in each business area.



  • – Sharepoint ECM
  • – ASP .NET MVC 5
  • – Azure