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CCA® web and mobile app for universal accesibility audits


We have developed for PMMT a web application that allows to examine and audit the universal accessibility in any built or urbanized space, as well as to generate reports. Mobile apps for iOS and Android have also been developed.


PMMT is an architectural firm specialized in the creation and development of advanced and sustainable hospitals and health facilities. As result of an intense research and innovation process that lasted more than three years, they developed the first and only methodology for the design of universally accessible spaces, which has been patented as Clear Code Architecture (CCA®). It has been used in streets of Madrid, Barcelona or Andorra, in all the CAPs of Barcelona and the Barça stadium, among other facilities and spaces.

Aplicación web y app móvil para informes de accesibilidad de PMMT, by pasiona



The web application developed by pasiona’s team, whose deployment is done in Azure, allows to analyze in detail the accessibility to the different spaces through questions, generate complete reports with a percentage of accessibility by zones, as well as synchronize the content of projects between web and mobile devices. Among the main benefits of the application, the reduction of the analysis time and the increase of the productivity stand out; the generation of detailed reports on accessibility; and the increasing of the profits from the commercialization of the mobile application.



  • – Azure
  • – Web C# with MVC and Entity Framework
  • – BBDD with SQL Server
  • – Xamarin