Generalitat de Catalunya

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SIAV (Sistema Integral d’Atenció a la Víctima)


We have developed a Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform for the Generalitat de Catalunya that allows the Mossos d’Esquadra to manage gender violence cases in a unified way, providing better care to victims.

SIAV by Pasiona

The SIAV(S’obre en finestra nova) is a comprehensive online care system for victims of gender violence that unifies in a single application all the information of the gender violence cases in Catalonia. With this system, all police and judicial data are updated in a single app. This way, victim information is made available instantly, which generates risk assessment and monitoring guidelines. Thus, they are ready to give personalized attention to victims.



Using a Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, we proposed a comprehensive care system for gender violence victims to be managed by the Catalan police. The solution gives to the Victims Assistance Group an easy access to complaint files, and the possibility to make a risk assessment for each victim to take appropriate actions.



  • – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011