H10 Hotels The One Barcelona

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After prior successful projects, H10 Hotels asked us to develope their new 5 stars-hotel website, The One Barcelona.


H10 Hotels (Opens in new window) is on the top ten companies in Spain that is currently doing a great expansion through Europe and the Carribean. They have created a new hotel brand, The One, with urban hotels of 5 stars, the first of them in Barcelona.

Pasiona desarrolla la página web del hotel The One Barcelona, de H10 Hotels



The main goal of the project was to highlight the brand The One in a website apart from the company website. Our team decided to develop in Sharepoint, a technology that would help to the reservation and budgets areas. 


The main challenge of the project was the time to market. Because of the scope and the urgency of the launching, the first phase was an implementation of basic parts and a second phase to integrate the rest. We adapted our needs and resources to the client’s need to achieve the goal and as a result the client was highly satisfied.  



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