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Corporate App


The client needed a corporate app for mobile and desktop from which employees could consult the company’s official news, which is published on the intranet, and receive official communications segmented by groups. Likewise, the objective was to achieve that the app would allow to carry out in an agile and safe way the most common managements, such as the request and consultation of vacations and permissions, accomplishment of official procedures, consultation of payrolls… Finally, the application had to facilitate the consultation of the organization chart of the company, navigable by levels, as well as to incorporate a chatbot of frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs).

Dos móviles con pantallas de la app de Uriach desarrollada por Pasiona

Uriach is a company dedicated to health and wellness, with international sales in more than 70 countries worldwide. Always maintaining an innovative and sustainable spirit, Uriach remains an independent family structure. They are the oldest laboratory in Spain and the second oldest in Europe. The company’s mission is to improve the health, quality of life and well-being of people around the world, through products and services that always maintain the quality and ethics that they have traditionally guaranteed. Its vision: to be a world reference in health and quality of life, accompanying people in their well-being, with progress, sustainability and a socially responsible attitude.



The application’s target audience, Uriach’s collaborators, represent a very large group that brings together different user profiles. To face this challenge, our UX/UI Design team made an initial prototype with wireframes to be used as a tool in the research process. Thanks to the testing carried out by different types of users, they were able to decide a definitive structure for the app, from the security of the real use case of that final public. This task was combined with the application of design work to align the aesthetics of the app with the Uriach look&feel, in close collaboration with the client.


In the development part, from the Pasiona Mobile team, it will be necessary to implement different integrations with the Uriach systems to interact with them, as it is done:

– Integration with SAP for the visualization of the children

– Integration with Sharepoint for interaction with news

– Integration with ADFS and Activi Directory de Uriach for user management


Finally, a user guide bot integrated with Azure QnA Maker was developed to guide the user through the most relevant questions of the day-to-day business.



-Xamarin Forms

– .NET Core

– .NEt Standard

– Sketch – Invision

– Lookback Illustrator