Hack The Gap inclusive hackathon

The project

We have hosted a very special hackathon: Hack the Gap, organized by Factoria F5 for programmers of several bootcamps in Barcelona. Among them their own students, who give training for free helping them to have a chance for the future.

In depth

Juanjo Montiel junto a los concursantes de la Hackaton, en las oficinas de pasiona

The participants in the event faced the challenge of developing customized solutions that facilitate accessibility. For this, they were based on projects designed by the team of Specialisterne Spain, a technology development consultancy that employs people with Asperger's Syndrome / Autism (ASD). In addition, our partner Juanjo Montiel, responsible for Accessibility, was the master of ceremonies of the hackaton. We made our 22 @ headquarters available to the hackathon, as well as supporting and collaborating through our team. It is our way of keeping the collaboration with Factoría F5 alive and working towards a future in which technological accessibility becomes a reality.

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