We are software developers

We are a business consultant specialized in Microsoft technologies: Web, Mobile, UX/UI Design, Accessibility, Cloud, Innovation, AI and Agile. We analyze your needs, design a customized solution and accompany you throughout the process, from the product definition to the launch.




Our team is specialized in Microsoft technologies.


We offer solutions and customized products for any device and platform: implementation of websites in Microsoft SharePoint; Office 365 email systems migration; Visual Studio (ALM) life-cycle software development and business processes customization with CRM Dynamics.

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We are at the forefront of the development of multi-platform mobile applications in any business area with Xamarin technology.


We create applications that can be used on any mobile device and Windows 10 desktop with the major operating systems: Windows 10 and Windows Phone, iOS and Android. We work closely to our web, design and usability experts in order to close the technical, aesthetic and user experience circle.

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Each project has hidden values. The best way to discover them is providing an exceptional user experience.


We try to focus the client’s idea towards a unique view of identity, and create products and services under the same roof. We design brand image, infographics, illustrations, websites, applications, animated videos and multimedia products, always reaching the expectations and the needs of the user.

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Cloud Computing


To ensure that your company is able to adapt to any change, it is essential to take the final step to the cloud.


As specialists in Microsoft technologies, we migrate your infrastructure and services on premise to Azure. We balance the needs of your business with your technological capabilities, advising you at all times in order that your company achieve the maximum efficiency with a minimum expense.

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Lately we have been working on…



We have adapted the goTalent HR management software to AA level accessibility requirements. In addition, we carried out a redesign of the tool in both the visual and usability level, given the high number of users of the portal. Thanks to this development, goTalent becomes the first HR management software to apply AA accessibility.

Hospital de Bellvitge & Idibell

Hospital de Bellvitge & Idibell

We developed for Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge (HUB) an application for the treatment of patients affected by facial paralysis. Our R&D team devised a system that, based on the ‘mirror technique’, uses a front camera that shows a ‘distorted’ face of the patient to help with the rehabilitation exercises.

Documentary Manager for Ferrovial Servicios FSE

Documentary Manager for Ferrovial Servicios FSE

Ferrovial Servicios FSE needed to centralize the documentation of all business areas and to establish a common action protocol. The documentary manager proposed as solution is a secure new platform, global to all business areas and accessible to different countries and from different devices.



We have developed for PMMT_Forward Thinking Healthcare Architecture a web application that allows to examine and audit the universal accessibility in any built or urbanized space, as well as to generate reports. Mobile apps for iOS and Android have also been developed.

The One Barcelona

The One Barcelona

After prior successful projects and acording to our specialization, H10 Hotels asked us to develope their new 5 stars-hotel website, The One Barcelona. Facing this project, our team decided to develop this website in Sharepoint, a technology that would help to users with reservation tasks and budgets areas.

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